We’re Awfully Glad you Came!

We can bring peace to this world…

starting with the kids!


These are the Magic Days is a project dedicated to nurturing remarkable human beings by teaching them connection, empathy, peaceful parenting and LOVE.  When children are allowed their feelings and parented with respect and compassion they develop higher EQ (emotional intelligence) which has been proven to be an essential ingredient in powerful leaders (not to mention leading to less problems as adults!)

The first project will be a musical record + music videos! This will be a cool, funny, whip smart, deep, timeless record with top producers, that teaches kids and parents alike
  • How to live in this insane world
  • How to be an awesome child (and parent)
  • How to feel your feelings
  • How to connect with your child and teach them empathy and compassion
  • And to love oneself.
All in Princess Superstar’s inimitable unique style.

This record will be given away for free to the children of the world so that every single parent and child can hear this message of Love and nurturing.



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The song Momster is dedicated to moms everywhere who get super angry and freak out their kids 🙂 It’s important for kids to know how to deal with their parent’s anger and to still feel loved in the middle of it . This song supports both moms and kids in having a new experience with anger!

A very important message for everyone from M.O.M.

Electronic usage is turning into an epidemic around the world, so M.O.M. urges us all to put down the iPad and put down the phone-  so we don’t have to be together and alone!

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Meet M.O.M.

M.O.M. is the newest alter ego of  Concetta Kirschner, the artist known as Princess Superstar!




She has had two top ten hits in the UK, been on numerous covers of magazines, and has toured places you might have never heard of.  She has had a creative job in music for 20 years. She’s graduated with a BFA from New York University, is a certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher and a long time meditator on a spiritual and emotional quest. She’s been a creative coach on MTV’s hit show Made and is a creative mentor to many artists around the world.

Her proudest accomplishment is being a dedicated mother and homeschooler to an almost five year old named Siren, and Concetta studies with her amazing mentors  to achieve this. She is also an avid student of Dr. Laura Markham’s Peaceful Parenting philosophy, as well as Hand in Hand Parenting, who hold a “vision of a world of warm, loving families where parents are well supported and responsive to the needs, fears, hopes and dreams of their children. ”

She lives with her husband and child near Central Park in Manhattan.

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Be a Part of the Magic

These are the Magic Days depends on donors like you to make it a reality.

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new sticka
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“Before Kesha, Lady Gaga or Iggy Azalea, Concetta Kirschner carved out a niche in the mid-’90s as Princess Superstar”